Our Values

DEACY GILLIGAN LTD (DGL) is committed to providing a quality service tailored to meet the individual requirements of each of our clients. This is achieved with the support and dedication of a team of highly qualified and motivated professionals who between them possess a wealth of expertise and experience, which allows us to not only meet those needs but to strive to exceed expectations. We assist our clients in making important decisions, both business and personal, by reviewing their particular accounting, taxation, financial and commercial requirements, while at the same time maintaining a firm focus on the individual, to formulate appropriate proposals.

Attention to detail and short lines of communication we feel are what our clients have come to expect and deserve from us at DGL. We have accomplished this by taking the time to build individual relationships with our clients and creating an environment whereby they feel relaxed and confident that we can provide them with whatever business solutions they require. Whether it’s a start-up situation, an expanding business or transfer to the next generation, we work closely with all of our clients to ensure that they are in possession of up to date and accurate information and are available to them to provide whatever advice or assistance they or their other professional advisers may need.

Value for money is also a key factor in the provision of our services and we strive to service the needs of our clients in the most cost effective manner without compromising on quality or our core values of ethics and professionalism.