Business & Taxation

Our highly qualified and experienced team of tax consultants provide tax advice across a myriad of different tax topics, as well as tax planning and special business advice.  Broadly our tax and business advices include:

Tax Planning

We bring together all our expertise to provide Tax Planning advice across all tax heads in one off special tax planning projects.

  • Company reconstructions
  • Share Capital reorganisations
  • Company Buyback of shares
  • Share Purchases/Sales
  • Property Transactions
  • Passing Wealth to the next generation
  • Retirement planning

Income Tax

  • Income Tax Return compliance
  • Tax planning for high net worth individuals
  • Assistance in relation to foreign nationals relocating to Ireland
  • Tax efficient pension funding
  • Property transactions

Capital Gains Tax

  • Advice on transactions giving rise to Capital Gains Tax, (CGT)
  • CGT Retirement Relief and entitlement to other reliefs available
  • Implications of disposals by non-residents
  • Computation of both personal and corporate CGT liabilities
  • Preparation and filing of Capital Gains Tax returns

Capital Acquisitions Tax

  • Advice on transactions giving rise to Capital Acquisitions Tax, (CAT)
  • Entitlement to Agricultural Property Relief, Business Property Relief etc.
  • Passing on the family business
  • CAT Estate and retirement planning
  • Preparation and filing of Capital Acquisitions Tax Returns

Corporation Tax

  • Corporation Tax compliance
  • Advice on extracting value from companies
  • Advice and implementation of company reconstructions
  • Due diligence in relation to the acquisitions of companies
  • Negotiations and assistance on the sale of companies
  • Liquidations via distributions in specie
  • Company buyback/redemption of shares

Revenue Audits/Negotiations

  • Interfacing with the Revenue and negotiating settlements
  • Assisting in making disclosures in Special Investigation cases


  • General VAT/PAYE/RCT advices
  • VAT on Property transactions
  • Payroll bureau services